Church Pension Group Webinar Series

Coping with Impact of Racial Injustice

Racial injustice impacts everyone. Many have been dealing with racism for a long time, while others have been stirred by recent events.

This webinar, presented by the Cigna Employee Assistance Program, may help you understand your reactions so that you can channel your emotions and make a positive difference.

You will learn:

  • You're not alone in struggling with anger, guilt, or sadness
  • How to have difficult conversations with your kids
  • Ways to turn your frustration into positive steps

Thursday, July 16, 1:00PM – 2:00PM ET


Get to Know Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

These times can be tough. Whether it’s a relationship, your job, emotional feelings, or just a need to discuss your situation with someone, you may benefit from Cigna’s Employee Assistance Program. You or eligible family members can talk with licensed professionals who can help with legal or financial issues, or provide short-term crisis counseling. The EAP can also assist with locating child and elder care support, and so much more. Sign up for our webinar to learn how this easy to access and strictly confidential program can help you.

You will discover:

  • the many topics covered by the program
  • the deep menu of services provided
  • how to access help

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Caring for the Caregiver

Whether you’re supporting members of your community or caring for a
loved one, consider yourself an unsung hero. But being there for others can
take its toll, and the COVID-19 pandemic has added more stress to a
challenging role. Don’t let self-care be an afterthought. Register for this

Caregivers and their supporters will learn:

  • causes of caregiver stress and signs of burnout
  • tips for recharging and finding balance 
  • strategies for healthy caregiving

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Don't Be Deceived

Criminals never miss a chance to exploit a crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic has given them plenty of openings. Older adults—including family members, neighbors, and parishioners—can be especially at risk.

You will hear from a fraud prevention specialist

  • why COVID-19 scams are growing
  • steps for keeping yourself safe
  • where to turn if you’re defrauded

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Psychological First Aid

Psychological distress often follows a crisis. You may need support for yourself, your family, and your community. Join us for a special webinar to learn how Psychological First Aid, a World Health Organization-endorsed approach to post-crisis mental distress, may help increase our capacity to cope. Anyone can practice these strategies.

Hear a clinical psychologist share

  • ways to identify warning signs of distress
  • a perspective on why post-stress reactions are normal
  • how Psychological First Aid may help

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Grounding Practice Using Five Senses:

  • search for five things they can see
  • search for four things they can touch
  • search for three things they can hear
  • search for two things they can smell
  • search for one thing they can taste

Clergy Financial Literacy Study Results Webinar

We recently collaborated with George Washington University to better understand how clerics are handling their finances and their financial wellness versus other working professionals. More than 1,000 clergy participated in the survey. Now we’re sharing the results. Be prepared for a few surprises.

You will discover:

  • where clergy do well—or fall short
  • whether clerics feel prepared for retirement
  • how saving and debt behaviors measure up
  • where gender gaps persist

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Navigating Market Volatility

With the market’s recent downturns, you may be concerned about the retirement savings you’ve worked so hard to build potentially being in jeopardy. Join this webinar, presented by Fidelity Investments, and get answers to questions like these:

  • Should I change how I’m invested to something less risky?
  • Should I move to cash right now?
  • Why should I put more into my retirement savings plan?

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Managing Anxiety

While the endless and ever changing coronavirus news cycle might leave you feeling helpless, there are ways to successfully manage your anxiety. We’ve collaborated with Cigna to share strategies for staying informed, coping with stress, and finding emotional support if you need it.

Topics include:

  1. Normal reactions and recommended responses for coping
  2. Finding emotional support if you need it
  3. How your Employee Assistance Program can help

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Tax Day is Coming

Have questions about the new tax laws, or even general tax questions? Join us for this one-hour webinar where our financial education specialists will answer tax questions and review resources we have that may help you. Knowing more is one of the best ways to avoid making a mistake.

Who should attend:
Episcopal clergy (both active and retired) or individuals who prepare tax returns for Episcopal clergy

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Update on change to the required minimum distribution date
  • What resources are available to assist with preparing your taxes
  • The importance of having an Accountable Business Expense Reimbursement Plan

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Tax Planning Webinars for Clergy

Ready for tax planning success? Don't miss this important two-part year-end tax planning webinar for Clergy.

Session 2 – Accountable Reimbursable Business Expense Plans

Topics include:

  1. Tax law changes regarding reimbursable business expenses
  2. The four requirements of an accountable reimbursable business expense
  3. Examples of reimbursable business expenses

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Session 1 – Clergy Housing Allowance

Topics include:

  1. The dual tax status you have as a cleric
  2. How the clergy housing allowance can make a big difference in your taxes
  3. What items are eligible as housing allowance expenses

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Mindfulness: Release the Stress

Feeling stressed? You are not alone. More than 65% of Americans polled by the American Psychological Association reported experiencing physical or emotional symptoms of stress.

Topics include:

  1. Learn how you can use mindfulness in your daily life
  2. Explore several mindfulness techniques
  3. Be informed of your Cigna Employee Assistance Program benefits

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Conquering Compassion Fatigue

When we spend most of our day taking care of others, finding the time and energy to care for ourselves may be a challenge. But doing so is vital to being emotionally strong and healthy in our professional and personal lives. This webinar helps you discover how to balance your emotional involvement and conquer the burnout often associated with professional caring and compassion.

Key Topics:

  1. Techniques for managing & recovering from compassion fatigue
  2. The impact of trauma exposure
  3. Understanding your Cigna Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits

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Resilience in the Face of Disaster

The impact of a natural disaster is devastating. How did you respond at the time of the crisis and in the weeks following the disaster? How are you feeling today?

This webinar on Resilience and Disaster Relief was originally created for the Diocese of Texas, West Texas, and the Virgin Islands to address the psychological impact that followed after the hurricanes. The topic and webinar content can be applied in similar situations of disaster and trauma. Here you will explore the psychological impact of disaster and promising avenues for restoring well-being. Clinical psychologist Jody Horstman leads the 45-minute presentation, focusing on resilience and managing the stress associated with crisis. With extensive training and experience in disaster relief, Jody speaks to the needs of both survivors and responders, and points to strategies for resilience and self-care in times of crisis and when handling the stressors of everyday life.

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