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Five Years to Retirement: Your Roadmap to Retirement Readiness

What’s a practical approach to reaching any destination? Follow a map.

That also makes sense for retirement planning. This multi-part course offers easy-to-understand information on finance and health for anyone planning to retire in five years or less.

How to take this course: Open the first module—Roadmap to Retirement—for an overview of what the course has to offer.  Then, move through the content using the Roadmap module for navigation, or use the links listed below.  There’s a lot to cover as you plan for retirement. Break up your journey and return often to explore different modules.


Approximately 10 minutes per module.


Start here! – Roadmap to Retirement

In this module, you’ll find a clickable roadmap, plus tools to help as you prepare for your retirement journey.

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Your Retirement Lifestyle

Have you considered retirement lifestyle choices such as where you’ll live, how you’ll spend your free time, and who'll be your companions? Your plans now can affect your choices later. It’s best to think ahead and map your journey.

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Health in Retirement

A significant part of retirement preparations includes exploring ways to take care of your health. Here’s where you can find information about Medicare, some options for long-term care, and suggestions for proactive methods to support brain, body, and well-being.

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Managing Your Money

Even as you continue to save, you can assess what you’ve accumulated over the years and what you’ll have available in retirement. There are ways to estimate possible retirement spending, strategies for reducing debt, and methods to consider for tailoring your investment strategy.

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Sources of Income

Your pension, a retirement savings accounts, other investment or savings accounts, and Social Security may be some of your sources for retirement income. This module explores options such as working in retirement, your pension benefit, Social Security options, annuitizing, and withdrawing retirement savings.

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Planning for Your Survivors

As you think about your later years, you may be considering important decisions regarding survivor benefits, your letter of last instruction, and beneficiary designations. Meeting with your estate lawyer, your financial planner, and other advisors is essential to making plans for your property and end-of-life care. Here you’ll find information to help with estate-planning and providing for loved ones.

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Roadblocks to Retirement

Despite our best laid plans, things happen that can throw us off course. The loss of a job, death of a spouse, or generational squeeze are a few of the roadblocks that can impact the retirement years we had in mind. We can’t know what lies ahead, but we can take measures to better prepare.

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To help you track progress, here are an Action Step worksheet and fillable spending plan, plus additional sources for retirement planning support.

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