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If You Die After You Retire

Post-Retirement Survivor Benefit

If you die after retirement, the person who was designated as your beneficiary at the time of your retirement will receive a benefit based on the form of payment you elected when you retired. If you elected the zero option or received a lump sum payout of your pension, no benefit will be payable following your death. See Pension Payment Options for more information.

Child Benefit

CPF provides a benefit to eligible children of deceased retired clergy under the Child Benefit Plan. The benefit is the same as the benefit payable upon an Active participant’s death.

Life Insurance Benefit

CPF makes a life insurance benefit available under the Life Insurance Plan to eligible retired clergy.

If you were an Active participant in the Clergy Pension Plan immediately prior to your retirement, your beneficiary(ies) will receive a life insurance benefit equal to six times your Highest Average Compensation, up to a maximum of $50,000.

For information about designating a beneficiary or the default beneficiary provisions that apply under the Life Insurance Plan, see the Life Insurance Benefit section above.