Church Pension Group | Benefits if You are Disabled Prior to Retirement

Benefits if You are Disabled Prior to Retirement

Eligibility for Disability Payments

If you are disabled before you retire and prior to age 65, you may be eligible to receive disability payments from the Plan.

To qualify:

You will be considered disabled under the Plan if you are unable to engage in substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment that can be expected to result in death or be of long-continued and indefinite duration, as determined by Aflac. From time to time, you may be required to submit documents confirming your continuing disability to Aflac. In order to continue to receive disability payments, CPF reserves the right to require that you receive regular and appropriate care as determined by a qualified health care provider.

Amount of Disability Payments

Once approved for disability, you will become fully vested under the Plan (if you are not already), and you will receive disability payments determined using the formula for normal retirement based on your Highest Average Compensation and Credited Service earned through the date of disability, provided that you will always receive a minimum of 10 years of Credited Service for this purpose.

When you become eligible for disability payments, you choose a form of payment and, if applicable, designate a beneficiary.

Important note: If you die after disability payments are approved but before choosing a form of payment, the Plan has certain default rules that apply. If you were married, your benefit as of the date of disability will be paid in the form of a 50% joint and survivor option. If you were not married, your benefit as of the date of disability will be paid in the form of a single life option, which means that no survivor’s benefit will be payable following your death. Your marital status on record with CPF at the time of death will be used to determine the form of payment.

Duration of Disability Payments

Disability payments will begin after Aflac has determined that you are disabled and entitled to disability payments.

Disability payments will end when the first of the following occurs:

  • When you are no longer disabled or
  • When you die; or
  • If you fail to submit proof of your continuing disability; or
  • When you turn age 65.

If you are receiving disability payments when you reach age 65, the disability payments will automatically convert to a normal retirement benefit, payable in the same amount and in the same form of payment as the disability payments.