Pharmacy Benefits

Most of our health plans include a comprehensive prescription drug benefit through Express Scripts. Selected health plans have pharmacy benefits integrated into the medical plan (see Integrated Prescription Benefits below).

Express Scripts Prescription Benefits

Express Scripts prescription benefits are available in both retail pharmacies and via home delivery for ongoing, refillable prescriptions. You can realize savings:

  • By requesting generic drugs whenever possible. Your doctor can advise you whether a generic medication is appropriate.
  • By using home delivery for prescriptions you need on an ongoing basis.

Retail Pharmacies
More than 67,000 participating retail pharmacies offer discounts with your Express Scripts ID card. 

Home Delivery
You can order up to 90 days of medication at one time, usually at a significant cost savings, through Express Scripts’ home delivery service. One of the benefits of home delivery is automatic refills and reminders when your prescription is expiring. Use of home delivery is required for maintenance medications after the third fill at a retail pharmacy.

Visit Express Scripts’ website to price a medication, download the formulary, or find a participating retail pharmacy. For more information:

  • Call Express Scripts Member Services at (800) 841-3361

If you need to file a claim for reimbursement of your prescription costs, use the Prescription Drug Reimbursement Form.

Kaiser Prescription Benefits

If you have a Kaiser plan, your pharmacy benefits are provided through your medical plan. For information about prescription drug benefits with these plans, visit the plan websites:

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