Due to the continuing global health crisis, CPG has cancelled all 2021 CREDO Conferences.

The following 2021 CREDO conferences will not be held: CREDO 374, CREDO 369, CREDO 370, CREDO 371, CREDO 372, CREDO 361, CREDO 373, CREDO 380, CREDO 375, CREDO 376, CREDO 377, CREDO 378, CREDO 380-R, CREDO 382, and CREDO 370-R.

All active or retired clergy in good standing who have been ordained for a minimum of three years and who haven’t attended CREDO in the last ten years are eligible for this CREDO benefit.

I received an invitation, how do I participate?

  1. Learn more about CREDO conferences by watching our video
  2. Check the calendar for upcoming conference dates
  3. Read through Conference FAQs
  4. Click the green Apply button above to take the next step

CREDO conferences provide clergy at various stages of ministry with a specially designed 7-day experience.  CREDO conference participants arrive on a Tuesday to begin a program designed for learning, sharing, reflection, worship, exploration, and laughter. Yes, even fun and joy. Large-group plenaries, component workshops, small-group interactions, one-on-one discussions, daily worship, prayer, and free time for exercise and relaxation round out seven days focused on holistic health. 

The culmination of the CREDO conference is a CREDO Rule of Life —a personal covenant that the participant formulates from the knowledge attained and aspirations uncovered during the CREDO experience. Each individual CREDO Rule of Life captures the participant’s formal and actionable commitment to God and themselves.

CREDO participants may leave feeling refreshed and reinvigorated, with a clearer vision of their total well-being. Ten years after their CREDO conference, participants are eligible to enroll again and benefit from another opportunity to enjoy the CREDO experience and connect with peers.

Once completed, The CREDO conference experience continues with ongoing resources and opportunities for promoting personal health and finance.

For more information or questions about CREDO, contact the Education and Wellness Office at  (888) 274-2828, or email credo@cpg.org