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CREDO Conferences

CREDO Conferences

Since 1997, CREDO conferences have provided clergy with a multifaceted wellness experience that many have described as life-changing. Through exploration of four component areas – Spiritual, Vocational, Financial, and Physical/Psychological health and wellness – CREDO conference participants explore ways in which focusing on their personal well-being support a healthy life and ministry.

Each CREDO conference is carefully crafted to promote the holistic understanding of wellness that is the cornerstone of the CREDO process. The conference design seeks to honor each person and recognizes that participants have different needs and learning styles.

 Guided by an experienced faculty team, the conference becomes a true learning community in which all participants share their knowledge, experience, compassion, and care with one another.

A CREDO conference helps clergy examine their health, replenish their spirit and rediscover the passion that first animated their call to ministry.

Throughout the conference, clergy engage in a variety of learning opportunities. Interspersed with times of listening and questioning are quiet times for reflection, worship and contemplation. Plenary presentations, small group interaction, faculty-led workshops, one-on-one consultations, large group gatherings, and small intimate conversations support and encourage sharing, reflection, worship, silence, laughter, and socializing. There is space for physical activity and relaxed fellowship, and opportunities for fun, laughter, and joy.


For more information or questions about CREDO, contact the Education and Wellness Office at  888-274-2828, or email credo@cpg.org