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CREDO History

For two decades, eligible Episcopal clergy have attended CREDO wellness conferences. CREDO was conceived in the mid-1990s, when The Church Pension Fund’s (CPF) Wellness Initiatives Advisory Committee—a group charged with exploring wellness options for plan participants—recommended a program to give clergy a chance to pause their busy, demanding lives in order to evaluate their spiritual well-being, their gifts and skills, and their vocational call through a discernment and wellness conference.

Since then, CREDO has held more than 400 conferences. Since its inception, more than 7,800 priests and bishops have attended CREDO.

In 2005, the Presbyterian Church, USA launched a partnership with Episcopal CREDO and has held more than three dozen conferences for Presbyterian pastors. CREDO conferences for ministers in the United Church of Christ began in 2015.

Spanish CREDO supports clergy who are native Spanish speakers, including clergy located in Province IX.


At the time of its inception, CREDO made a conscientious commitment to include scientifically designed longitudinal research and evaluation as an integrated program component. As a result of this commitment to research, it has been possible to statistically monitor and document the effectiveness of CREDO in influencing the well-being of clergy and others in the Episcopal Church.

CREDO's approach to the research and evaluation process has been grounded in assessment and evaluation literature, integrated with sound research methodological approaches, and consistent in data collection, analysis, and presentation.

CREDO has also been involved in research on the emotional health of clergy and clergy families, issues of ordained women, emotional health and wellness of bishops and bishop spouses, and Episcopal transitions and elections.

For more information or questions about CREDO, contact the Education and Wellness Office at  888-274-2828, or email credo@cpg.org