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A special benefit of The Church Pension Fund for active and retired clergy who are in good standing, CREDO conferences are designed to promote wellness in clergy at various points in their ministry. At CREDO conferences, active and retired clergy are invited to examine their minds, bodies, spirits, and hearts by focusing on their spiritual, vocational, financial, physical, and psychological health and wellness.

The CREDO Experience

CREDO conferences provide transformative opportunities for clergy to reflect on their journey, discern God’s presence and calling deep within, and renew, reaffirm, and recommit their passion and conviction for their authentic vocation.

The CREDO Experience has lasting impact. Clergy leave their conference with a refreshed vision for their well-being, the support of colleagues, and the tools they’ll need to maintain and strengthen an ongoing commitment to their personal health.

CREDO is...

Literally translated, the Latin word CREDO means, “I give my heart.” CREDO encourages participants to rediscover the passionate essence of their life and ministry in the context of their faith, their relationships, and their community.

  • An intentional Christ-centered community
  • Work of the heart, mind, body, and spirit
  • A living stream with a sustainable spirit
  • A four-step life cycle process of identity, discernment, practice, and transformation.