Church Pension Group | Roadmap to Wellness

Roadmap to Wellness

Identify Your Vision

Before you begin any journey, you need to know where you are going. How do you envision your future? Would you like to be healthier so you can participate more fully in life now and in the days ahead? Clarifying a vision of a healthier you gives you the destination to target.


Set Attainable Goals

You can do it. Making lasting lifestyle changes is easier than you think. Set realistic goals and approach change one step at a time – you’ll find that your journey will be smoother and you’ll reach your destination faster. Learn how to create effective goals and leverage your chances for success.


Keep Your Life in Balance

If you created a pie chart of your typical day, what activities would claim the largest slices? Are your time and energy spent on activities important to you: your family, your health, your vocation? Learn how to manage your time to help achieve balance in your days to focus on activities that fulfill you.


Create New Habits

Try brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. It’s hard (not to mention messy!), but you can do it. Living a healthier life will require you to change some habits and develop new, more fulfilling ones. Here are some tips to help you break those habits that sabotage your health goals and develop new ones that support your goals.


Stay Motivated

It’s easy to be motivated on Day One. But what about Day 12, when your motivation wanes? How can you recapture your enthusiasm after a slip? You might be surprised. Learn strategies to keep you motivated throughout your journey to wellness.