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Church Pension Group Webinar Series

Get to Know Your Employee Assistance Program

Tuesday, March 5, 12:00 PM ET or 3:00 PM ET

Join us to learn about the benefits available to you and your family—from immediate counseling to referrals for other resources—through the Cigna Employee Assistance Program.

Creating Wealth

Fidelity’s multicultural hub provides tools, resources, and tips to help the Black community save more, build wealth, and create a financial legacy.

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Understanding the Clergy Housing Allowance

Get a refresher on this clergy tax benefit, including deductions you might overlook, and answers to common questions.

Disaster Preparedness: Get Ready, Stay Ready

Watch this Church Insurance webinar about preparing for disasters and emergencies.

2022 Lay Employment and Compensation Across the Church

Learn how lay employee compensation differs by job type, gender, and geography.

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Bridging the Gap to Financial Security

Whether you’re changing roles or just taking a break, a pause in ministry can have a big impact on your Church Pension Fund post-retirement benefits. Join this webinar for essential guidance on earning credited service, reaching benefit milestones, and making the most of retirement savings strategies during times of transition.

The Church Pension Fund Clergy Pension Plan – Deacons Webinar

Didn’t think you could get pension benefits? Think again. Changes to The Church Pension Fund’s Clergy Pension Plan and related plans have made it easier than ever for eligible deacons to participate. Episcopal institutions that pay regularly scheduled compensation, even as low as $25 per month, may open the door to employee benefits, including:

  • A clergy pension benefit
  • Resettlement benefit
  • Life insurance and other death benefits

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A Guided Walkthrough of New Clergy Compensation Data

Looking to fill an opening or apply for one? How does the compensation compare to similar positions throughout the Church? Join this discussion about the latest Clergy Compensation Report. For the first time, compensation is displayed using race, sexuality, gender identity, and sexual orientation data. Q&A with the team that collects, analyzes, and reports on clergy compensation.

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