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Additional Benefits

Aflac's long-term disability insurance includes additional features to protect you, including:

Two-Year Own Occupation

For the first 24 months of your disability, benefits continue as long as you are unable to do your own occupation. After two years, your disability is defined as rendering you unable to perform any occupation, not just the one you can perform based on your education and training. This may alter the amount of your benefit if you are able to perform some form of work.

Rehabilitation Services

In some cases, you may qualify for Rehabilitation Services, which help you return to work. These services may include:

  • Worksite modifications
  • Job placement services
  • Resume preparation
  • Job training

Survivor Benefit

If you die while receiving long-term disability benefits, and you had received benefits for at least 180 consecutive days, your eligible survivor or estate will receive a lump sum equal to three months of your gross disability payment. 



Policy Number: CNYEX01112
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