Annual Enrollment

2021 Annual Enrollment

Annual Enrollment for 2021 health benefits is now closed.

Administrator's Guidelines

  • Monitor Annual Enrollment progress by checking MLPS. Remind members to complete their verification and/or make changes to their plan before the deadline.
  • If your group is eliminating any plans, affected employees must select another plan to have coverage for the upcoming year.
  • Distribute updated legal notices to employees.
  • Check the first bill of the new year online before it “freezes” in order to have time to make corrections. 
  • If employees need help with enrollment, use MLPS to make changes or enroll employees even after the Annual Enrollment site closes for members, provided they are made before the Annual Enrollment period ends.
  • Plan handbooks for the new year will be available online in January.
  • January 1 is the effective date for all new plans and rates.

Health Plan Information

Links to Health Plan details and Plan Summaries:


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