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Who may attend a CREDO conference?

Active and retired (receiving a pension) clergy who are in good standing and who have been ordained for a minimum of five years are invited to attend. Clergy are chosen from The Church Pension Fund’s Clergy Pension Plan database.

This new conference type will encompass clergy who have never attended CREDO or who completed their last CREDO 10 years ago or more. Ten years after attending a CREDO conference, clergy attendance eligibility is renewed.

What is the curriculum of a CREDO conference?

The CREDO conference curriculum was developed to appeal to a variety of learning styles and offers the opportunity to focus on the four areas affecting overall health and wellness:

  • Spiritual
  • Vocational
  • Finance
  • Physical and Psychological Health

My first language is Spanish, are there options for me to attend CREDO?

Yes, a CREDO for clergy for whom their first language is Spanish is being held in 2017. Please contact the E&W office at (888) 274-2828 for more information.

Do I need Internet or email access to participate in a CREDO conference?

Although the application process and a majority of CREDO’s pre-conference work and communications are done via the Internet, provisions are made for those who do not have access to this technology. Assistance may be obtained by contacting the E&W office at (888) 274-2828.

Is enrollment limited?

Yes, space is limited to 28 participants per conference. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.

How much does it cost to attend CREDO?

CREDO is a benefit offered by The Church Pension Fund. There is a $500 participant fee for the conference. The fee covers the majority of expenses, including airfare, lodging, meals, and other direct conference costs.

What if I/my church can’t afford the participant fee?

If this fee creates a hardship, scholarships are available. Please contact the E&W office at (888) 274-2828 for more information.

When is my participant fee due?

Invoice information will be included when you receive your confirmation of enrollment. Your fee is due upon receipt of that invoice.

What is the refund policy?

Your fee will be refunded in full if you cancel at least 60 days prior to the beginning of the conference. Because it is difficult to fill vacated slots without substantial lead time, if you cancel after the 60-day deadline, we reserve the right to withhold a refund of fees paid.

What other expenses might I expect?

At all conferences, participants go out to dinner one night, but that cost is covered in the conference fees. However, you may want to bring a small amount of spending money for gifts, gratuities, or souvenirs.

Can my spouse or partner attend with me?

CREDO conferences are a benefit of those participating in the Clergy Pension Plan, so only Plan participants may attend. We provide conference materials to facilitate involvement with your spouse or partner before, during, and after the conference. If your spouse or partner is a Clergy Pension Plan participant and also receives an invitation, we ask that you each attend separate conferences in order to get the maximum benefit from the CREDO experience.

Do I have to stay for the entire conference?

Yes, in order to create community and to have the best experience possible, we ask that you stay for the entire conference and participate fully in all sessions. If you wish to sightsee or visit family or friends, we ask that you do so before or after the conference.

Is there any pre-conference work that I will have to do?

Yes, approximately 90 days prior to your conference, you will receive materials that will need to be returned to CREDO seven weeks prior to the conference. There are also materials you will complete and bring with you. Some of the work will be done via the Internet and some is paper-based. Individuals vary, but this work should take between 5 and 8 hours to complete. It is recommended that all work must be completed in order to get the best experience from your conference.



For more information or questions about CREDO, contact the Education and Wellness Office at  888-274-2828, or email credo@cpg.org