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Clergy who meet the following criteria are automatically eligible for the Long-Term Disability Benefit:

  • Participant in the Clergy Pension Plan
  • Actively working in an Episcopal institution, or temporarily between cures
  • Pension assessment payments to The Church Pension Fund are not more than six months in arrears
  • Canonically resident in the United States (for clergy canonically resident outside the U.S. and actively participating in the International Clergy Pension Plan, the short-term disability is limited to disabilities related to childbirth)

For more information see Clergy Pension Plan Long-Term Disability Benefits.

Lay Employees

Employees are eligible for Long-Term Disability Insurance if they work at least 20 hours per week for an Episcopal institution (if the employer chooses to offer this coverage).

Employees in the Employer-Provided Plan are eligible for coverage on the first day of active employment.

If you provide Long-Term Disability Insurance as a benefit of employment, current employees are enrolled as of the date you adopted the plan.

You must enroll all eligible new employees within 31 days of their hire date. If you enroll employees after 31 days, your institution will be responsible for back premiums.

Employees purchasing the Voluntary Plan are eligible for coverage on the day they enroll, or upon receiving approval of their Evidence of Insurability (EOI) Form if enrolling 31 days or more after their hire date.


Policy Number: CNYEX01112
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