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Life Insurance Pension Benefit

Group Life Insurance is offered as a benefit to eligible active and retired clergy who participate in The Church Pension Fund Clergy Pension Plan.

Active Clergy

If eligible clergy die before they retire, their beneficiary will receive a benefit equal to:

  • Six times the cleric’s current total assessable compensation, with a maximum value of $150,000

Supplemental life insurance is available during periodic enrollment periods for clergy who do not have supplemental life coverage.

The Clergy Pension Plan also provides survivor’s benefits for active clergy who die before they retire. For additional information, please refer to the Guide to Clergy Benefits (also available in Español).

Retired Clergy

Beneficiaries of eligible retired clergy will receive a benefit equal to:

  • Six times the cleric’s highest average compensation, with a maximum value of $50,000. This benefit is provided to all eligible clergy who retire directly from active service or who have earned at least 25 years of credited service.

Enrolling a New Employee?

Clergy who participate in the Clergy Pension Plan are enrolled in the Life Insurance Pension Benefit when they begin to participate in the Clergy Pension Plan. No separate enrollment is required.

In the event that any information on this page is in conflict with the actual insurance policy or contract, the policy or contract shall govern.


Life insurance and annuities are offered by or through Church Life Insurance Corporation, 19 East 34th Street, New York, NY 10016.

Life Insurance Disclaimer

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