Not Enrolled Yet?

If you have lay employees eligible to participate in a pension plan but have not enrolled yet, follow the directions below or contact us  .  We will work with you to complete your enrollment.

Who Should We Enroll?

Be sure to enroll all lay employees scheduled for 1,000 hours or more of compensated work annually.

And remember, if you've chosen the Defined Contribution Plan, you may also enroll those who are scheduled to work fewer hours if you wish.

Tutorial IconNeed Help? Get Step-By-Step Guidance

Contact us   and we will work with you to complete your enrollment.

Here's How To Enroll Employees:

  1. Choose a plan.
  2. Complete an Adoption Agreement:1
    • For the Defined Contribution Plan: Download Adoption Agreement.
    • For the Defined Benefit Plan: Please contact us for the Adoption Agreement.
  3. Send us the completed agreement
  4. Receive confirmation of your agreement from The Church Pension Fund.
  5. Download and complete enrollment forms for each eligible employee:

1Note: If you wish to make contributions at a later date, indicate the date on the agreement. Of course, you can enroll employees and begin contributing at any time.

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