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Contribution Amounts

Employee Contribution

Employees may contribute their own money to the plan but are not required to do so. Once enrolled, employees may update their contribution amounts in Fidelity NetBenefits and indicate the way they want to contribute (pre-tax, Roth, or after-tax).

Employer Contribution

  • Employers that are subject to the authority of The Episcopal Church must contribute a base contribution equal to at least 5% of an eligible lay employee's compensation and a matching contribution (generally equal to 4%). An employer’s base and matching contributions should equal at least 9%.1
  • Employers may choose to make a larger base contribution, as long as the combination of the base and the match equals at least 9%.

Eligible Compensation

Compensation is used to determine Total Assessable Compensation, which is the basis for determining the amount paid by employers in assessments for participants in a defined benefit pension plan and/or the compensation used to calculate employer and employee contributions to a defined contribution plan.

IRS Contribution Limits

The IRS limits the amount an employee can contribute to their account on an annual basis, as well as the total amount an employer and employee together can contribute. Please see the RSVP & Lay DC Plan Employee Guide for the contribution limits.

This combination is consistent with the requirements of General Convention Resolution A138.


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