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What Will Lay Pensions Cost?

We developed tools to help you estimate the cost of providing a pension plan to your eligible lay employees. The two versions of these calculators - one for congregations and one for schools - let you determine the cost to your church or institution.

To calculate plan costs for your church organization or school:

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Contact us   and we will help you evaluate your plan choices and associated costs, when to proceed, and how the system will benefit your employees and your organization.

The Lay Defined Benefit Plan is a qualified plan under Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code, but as a church plan, it is not subject to ERISA. The plan's financial condition is disclosed in the Church Pension Group Annual Report.

The Church Pension Fund, as sponsor of this plan, continues to monitor the funding status closely. Like many defined benefit plans, the Lay Defined Benefit Plan currently is not fully funded. The Church Pension Fund retains the right to amend, terminate or modify the terms of the Lay Defined Benefit Plan, including the employer assessment rate, without notice and for any reason.

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