Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects your organization and your people* against civil liability for bodily injury, sexual misconduct, pastoral counseling, property damages, and personal injury to others, as well as cyber security, operating as a sanctuary church, and non-owned auto liability.

If a child in your preschool knocks over and hurts another student, or a parishioner is injured by a fall on your Church’s wet floor, you may find yourself facing a lawsuit. You could also be in legal jeopardy if an employee accidentally damages someone’s property while on church business, or if a parishioner is hurt during your church picnic at a local park and the church signed a facilities-use agreement with the recreation district.

Liability insurance should provide a range of protections in addition to those mentioned above, including for such events as a minister performing CPR on a congregant who falls ill during a service only for some adverse reaction to occur, or a company lodging a claim against you because a logo you created for an event inadvertently infringes their copyright.

We also cover potential liabilities such as cyber attacks, operating as a sanctuary church, pastoral counseling, cemetery, teachers, and sexual misconduct.

If a couple alleges that marriage counseling further injured their relationship, that may lead to a claim under pastoral counseling liability; the mishandling of someone’s remains may trigger a cemetery liability claim; an injury to a child in class, including by corporal punishment, could be the focus of a teachers’ liability claim; while physical or emotional injury caused by sexual assault could prompt a sexual misconduct claim.

*Including employees, vestry members, directors, trustees, and volunteers.

Can You Describe Church Insurance's Sanctuary Coverage?

Sanctuary Church coverage provides peace of mind about legal costs associated with harboring individuals for humanitarian reasons.

Can You Explain Church Insurance's Cyber Security Coverage?

We provide affordable cyber liability coverage to address unauthorized access to members’ data, including negotiation support in the case of ransomware attacks.


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