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Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability Insurance

Workers’ compensation and employers’ liability insurance protects your organization against common law liability for workplace injuries and provides state-mandated benefits for injured workers.

While employment practices liability insurance covers events such as wrongful termination, workers’ compensation and employer’s liability insurance is designed to provide state-mandated benefits for injured workers and to protect your organization against legal liability for workplace injuries.

Known colloquially as workers’ comp, this is a form of insurance that provides benefits to workers who are injured or fall ill for reasons related to work. It covers their medical bills and helps replace lost pay while they are away from work.

Triggered by a claim of negligence, employer’s liability insurance is a protection against civil liability for work-related injuries. It covers settlements, judgments and the costs of defending claims brought by workers who aren’t eligible for workers’ compensation.

While all states require organizations to have workers’ comp insurance, employer’s liability is not required in all jurisdictions.


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