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Property Insurance

Property insurance protects your organization’s buildings, their contents, and other types of property against damage by certain perils or causes of loss.

Property insurance is often one of the three biggest annual bills your Church receives. Our Pinnacle and Pinnacle Plus policies cover all major property and content risks, including many that are specific to Episcopalian institutions, such as protection for stained glass windows, pipe organs, altarware, bells, and fine art and relics.

Buildings and contents are protected against damage, loss, burglary, and theft, with no limit on broken glass. Our policy encompasses events such as fire, lightning strikes, hail damage, and wind.

We also provide limited flood and water damage coverage, unlike many other insurers. While houses of worship since 2018 have been eligible for assistance for flood damage from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), limits can mean all losses aren’t covered.

Being properly covered means assessing all risks, and because change is constant we are always evaluating potential new threats. As a result, our coverage has expanded in recent years to include malicious attacks.

Can You Explain Church Insurance's Malicious Attack Coverage?

Malicious Attack Coverage broadly covers direct and indirect risks associated with an active shooter situation.


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