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Spend time with Steve Follos, Sr. Vice President and General Manager of The Church Insurance Agency Corporation, and Paul Stephens, Vice President, Marketing and Risk Management, The Church Insurance Agency Corporation, as they provide an overview of the various policies offered through Church Insurance and answer questions on a variety of property and casualty-related topics.


On-Demand Webinars

Church Insurance Companies Overview

Duration 00:46:52

  • Company History & Captive Insurance Basics Overview
  • Risk Management Basics
  • Property coverage & claims overview
  • Liability coverage & claims overview
  • D&O / EPL / SM coverage & claims overview

Property Coverage & Claims

Duration 01:04:54

  • Property Coverage Review – Perils, Limits, Deductibles, Valuation, Extensions, Fine Arts, Equipment Breakdown, Malicious Attack
  • Risk Management and Property Maintenance
  • Property Claims Case Study – Discussion of property claim

Liability Coverage & Claims: Part 1

Duration 01:28:50

  • Liability Coverage Review – Insuring Agreement, Limits, Broad Form, Church Specific Coverage, Non Owned Auto, Umbrella, Cyber, Workers Compensation
  • Risk Management and Liability Maintenance
  • Liability Claims Case Study – Discussion of liability claim

Liability Coverage & Claims: Part 2

Duration 00:49:22

  • D&O / EPL / SM Liability Coverage Review – Insuring Agreements, D&O drilldown, EPL drilldown, SM drilldown
  • D&O / EPL / SM Liability Claims Case Studies – Discussion of D&O / EPL / SM claims

Extending Ministry Footprint Through Building Use

Duration 00:45:16

  • Why are churches expanding their building's usage?
  • Types of extension ministries
  • Things to consider when signing a lease agreement
  • Balancing the risks with rewards

Cyber Liability & Malicious Attack Coverage Webinar for Administrators

Duration 00:46:17

  • Cyber Liability Coverage
  • Malicious Attack Coverage


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