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Benefit Payments

Clergy Payments

See Short-Term Disability Benefit for information about payments and the duration of the benefit for eligible clergy.

Lay Employee Payments

Short-term disability benefits are paid directly to lay employees.  Please note that an employee cannot receive full salary and disability benefits at the same time.

Benefit Reductions

Benefits are not paid when the disability is:

  • Not under a doctor’s care
  • Caused by war or act of war (declared or undeclared)
  • Due to intentionally self-inflicted injuries
  • A result of active participation in a riot
  • Due to participation in a felony

Benefits are reduced by any amount the beneficiary receives from:

  • Workers’ Compensation or similar provisions in the law
  • State disability benefits
  • Social Security benefits
  • A third party by judgment, settlement or otherwise (after subtracting attorney’s fees)

1The benefit is prorated for those working part-time. 

Disability Insurance Disclaimer