Province I

The Provincial Coordinators for Province I are The Rev. Robert and Sue Legnani.

Diocese Chaplains



The Rev. Peter Powell
The Rev. Dn. Pat Jackson
The Rev. Don Hamer
The Rev. Marilyn Anderson
The Rev. Diana Rogers
The Rev. Ben Brockman
The Rev. Joseph Krasinski


The Rev. Lawrence Estey
Mrs. Elizabeth Estey

Massachusetts The Rev. Robert Edson
The Rev. Billie Mae Gordon
The Rev. Bill Heuss
The Rev. Robert (Skip) Windsor
Ms. Kathryn Windsor
The Rev. Joyce Caggiano
Ms. Nina Leek
The Rev. John Clarke
New Hampshire The Rev. Celeste Hemingson
Rhode Island The Rev. Noel Bailey
The Rev. Philip Devens
The Rev. Gary Lemery
The Rev. Iris Mello
The Rev. Peter Michaelson
Vermont The Rev. John Morris
The Rev. Carole Wageman
Western Massachusetts The Rev. Ronald Crocker
Ms. Donna Crocker
The Rev. James Munroe
The Rev. Peter Elvin
Mrs. Diana Elvin

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