Province VIII

The Provincial Coordinators for Province VIII are The Rev. Celine Burke and Mr. Richard Burke.

Diocese Chaplain
Alaska No Chaplain
Arizona The Rev. Philip Carlson
Mrs. Bonnie Carlson
California Ms. Elizabeth Coon
The Rev. Vern Jones
Eastern Oregon The Rev. Celine Burke
Mr. Richard Burke
El Camino Real Mrs. Rosi Edwards
Hawaii The Rev. Alison Dingley
Mr. Willis Moore
Idaho The Rev. Jennifer Anttonen
Mr. John Anttonen
Los Angeles
Deanery 1
Deanery 2
Deanery 3
Deanery 5
Deanery 6
Deanery 7
Deanery 8
Deanery 9

Deanery 10
The Rev. Barbara Rindge Stewart
The Rev. Julie Morris
The Rev. Gregory (Greg) Frost
The Rev. Betsy N. Anderson
The Rev. Robert (Bob) Honeychurch
No Chaplain
The Rev. David L. Caffrey
The Rev. Dean Farrar
The Rev. Reese M. Riley
Ms. Judi Riley
The Rev. Barbara Rindge Stewart
Navajoland No Chaplain
Nevada The Rev. Deacon Carolyn Shannon
The Rev. Sherryl Eyre
Northern California The Rev. Christine Leigh-Taylor

The Rev. Charles Whitmore
The Rev. Dick Scott
Ms. Maggie Scott
The Rev. Edie Weller


The Rev. Richard Loop
Mrs. Marilyn Loop
The Rev. William McCarthy
Mrs. Bernice McCarthy
The Rev. Frank Moss
Mrs. Betsey Moss
The Rev. Stephen Norcross
The Rev. John Scannell
The Rev. Edgar Shippey
Mrs. Tina Shippey
The Rev. Morgan Silbaugh

San Diego Mrs. Stephanie Smith
The Rev. Ed Busch
The Rev. Babs Meirs
The Rev. David Burgdorf
San Joaquin No Chaplain
Spokane The Rev. J.P. Carver
The Rev. Deacon Barbara Carver
Taiwan No Chaplain
Utah The Rev. Canon Caryl Marsh

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