Church Pension Group | Province VI

Province VI

The Provincial Coordinators for Province VI are The Rev. Jerry Kolb and Mrs. Brenda Kolb.

Diocese Chaplain

South West
High Plains

North West
Front Range

Sangre de Cristo

Mrs. Joanne Womack
The Rev. Charlotte Shepic
The Rev. Stephan Wengrovius
The Rev. Christine Wengrovius
The Rev. Scott Hollenbeck
The Rev. Kay Cook
Dr. Douglas Burger
The Rev. Paul Lautenschläger


The Rev. Mary Cole Duvall
The Rev. Paul Gennett
The Rev. Stacey Gerhart
The Rev. Dn. Marcus Haack
The Rev. Sheryl Hughes-Empke
The Rev. Dr. Mary Jane Oakland

Minnesota The Rev. Lindsay Freeman
The Rev. Leonard Freeman

The Rev. Keith Axberg


No Chaplain

North Dakota No Chaplain
South Dakota No Chaplain
Wyoming No Chaplain