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Province V

The Provincial Coordinators for Province V are The Rev. Jerry Kolb and Mrs. Brenda Kolb.

Diocese Chaplains
Chicago The Rev. George Hull
The Rev. James Leswing
The Rev. Robert North
Ms. Karen North
The Rev. William Roberts
Mrs. Ingrid Roberts
Mr. William Crosbie
The Rev. Alonzo Pruitt
Eastern Michigan The Rev. Ann Grady
Eau Claire The Rev. George Stamm
Mrs. Cynthia Stamm
Fond Du Lac The Rev. Dr. Jim Trainor
The Rev Dr. Mary Stoddard Trainor
Indianapolis The Rev. William (Bill) Wieland
Mrs. Lucille (Lucy) Wieland
Michigan The Rev. Sally Boelter
Milwaukee The Rt. Rev. Ed Leidel
Missouri The Rev. Susan Skinner
Northern Indiana No Chaplain
Northern Michigan The Rev. Tom Lippart
Mrs. Peg Lippart
Ohio No Chaplain
Southern Ohio The Rev. Bruce Smith
Pastor Susan Smith
The Rev. Tom Van Brunt
Mrs. Nancy Van Brunt
The Rev Cn Jack Koepke
Mrs. Nanci Koepke
Springfield No Chaplain
Western Michigan The Rev. D. Edward (Ed) Emenheiser
Mrs. Ann Emenheiser


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