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Vision Benefits

Vision benefits are offered through EyeMed's Insight Network, which works with thousands of providers nationwide. This benefit is offered at no additional cost to The Episcopal Church Medical Trust (Medical Trust) health plan participants.

The following network services and benefits are provided once per calendar year:

  • Eye exam: $0 copay. A copay is required for contact fit and follow-up.
  • Frames or contact lenses: $200 allowance (effective 1/1/2023). There is a 20% discount off the balance for frames and a 15% discount off the balance for contact lenses.
  • Lenses: $10 copay (for standard plastic lenses: single vision, bifocal, trifocal).

The plan offers the following network features:

  • 40% discount on the purchase of additional complete pairs of eyeglasses once the initial benefit has been used.
  • 15% discount on conventional contact lenses once the initial benefit has been used.
  • 20% off retail price for eye care supplies purchased at network providers.
  • Online ordering for replacement contact lenses at below-retail price.

To find a vision provider near you, visit EyeMed and click on "Provider Locator" at the bottom of the screen.

Create an account or Login at EyeMed to view benefits and claims.

For a full list of benefits and features, see the EyeMed Insight Network flyer, call (866) 723-0513, or visit EyeMed’s website.


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