Church Pension Group | Business Resumption

Resuming Business Operations

...In The Event of Disaster

The Church Pension Group is committed to serving our constituents in the event of a disaster and resuming normal operations as quickly as possible.

We have a comprehensive business resumption plan to protect client data and continue the operation of critical business functions, such as:

  • Issuing benefit checks
  • Processing healthcare claims
  • Initiating and updating enrollments
  • Verifying property and casualty coverage
  • Making claims payments
  • Issuing ID cards
  • Answering billing questions

Business disruptions can vary in scope and severity.  We test our plan continually and prepare key staff members thoroughly to ensure the company’s ability to continue operating in any eventuality.

Should we need to move our offices to an alternate location for safety or accessibility reasons, you can always contact us through this website or call us at any of the numbers below:

Contact Information  
Main Switchboard: (800) 223-6602
Property & Casualty Claims: (800) 223-5705
Client Services/Church Life: (866) 802-6333
Medical, Dental, Vision and Disability: (800) 480-9967 (Active Employees)
(800) 480-9967 (Retirees)
The Church Insurance Agency: (800) 293-3525