Perspective Archive

Read articles from past issues of Perspective, a newsletter from the desk of CPG CEO Mary Kate Wold to all members, administrators and Church leaders. Look for more stories like these periodically in the CPG Connect quarterly newsletter. 

Winter 2020

The CPF Board: Chosen by the Church to Serve

Why certain trustee skills and talents are critical to the CPF Board—and to everyone CPG serves

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An Ongoing Conversation

Socially responsible investing along with parity and equity in benefits: hot topics around the Church

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A Healthier Future

Recent updates to healthcare and disability benefits

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Google Earth Shrinks Church Insurance Costs

How satellite imagery helps us appraise buildings more efficiently

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Author’s Corner

Investing in the future of religious institutions while focusing on values

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Spring 2019

Are You Ready? Lay Employees and Retirement

Many bodies around the Church have collaborated to ensure that lay employees are able to save for retirement, and the focus is working.
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Our Clergy Pension Plans—for Deacons Too

CPG’s recent pension plan revisions include new eligibility criteria that could benefit compensated deacons.
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Untangling Healthcare

How can members of The Episcopal Church Medical Trust more easily navigate the healthcare system and better their long-term health?
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You Spoke, We Listened: CPG Around the Church

Our leaders stay attuned to the evolving needs of the Church, such as when we leapt into action to welcome Cuba back into the fold.
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Author’s Corner: Bishop Mark D. W. Edington

Bishop Mark D. W. Edington explores the impact of having more bivocational ordained professionals in Church leadership positions.
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Summer 2018

Perspective Report to General Convention

For more than a century, CPG has worked with General Convention to support those who serve the Episcopal Church around the globe. We are excited about continuing our partnership and work in the century ahead.

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