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Tell Us Your Story

What’s on your mind? We might want to share it in our client newsletter, CPG Connect.

The Church Pension Group (CPG) invites retired clergy and lay employees, their spouses, and surviving spouses to submit stories for possible publication.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Keep it short (300 to 500 words).
  • Focus on a story from your personal experience that will inspire, challenge, or just make readers smile or laugh.
  • Include a connection to or mention of a CPG service, resource, program, or event that you found valuable.
  • Don't tell your whole life story. But do provide a brief bio (50 words or fewer) to accompany your piece.
  • Retirement doesn't have to be your focus, but your story should be tied to retirement in some way, even if only as a place from which to reminisce.
  • Don't limit yourself to religious and spiritual topics. Secular experiences can also offer opportunities for spiritual insight and reflection.
  • Avoid submitting a sermon. Make sure your brief piece has a beginning, a middle, and an end.
  • Reading past Vintage Voice stories, such as this example, can be helpful in shaping your submission—but please note that we are now seeking shorter stories and a more direct connection to something that CPG offers that you find valuable.
  • If your story is chosen for publication, we may edit it for style and length. All authors will be able to review the edited versions of their submissions prior to publication.

How to Submit 

Email us your submissions, inquiries, or comments.