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We Heard You, Benefits Administrators!

Spring 2022

“This is what our parish administrators and employees have been hoping for. Thank you for the on-page guidance and resources and the quick action buttons!”

—Rita Benson, Diocese of Missouri

For years now, employee benefits administrators in Episcopal dioceses and parishes have been using multiple CPG tools to manage and maintain pension benefits, group health and life benefits, institution details, and administrative access for their institutions.

It’s hard to work at peak efficiency under these circumstances, especially while juggling other duties. Administrators have understandably been asking for a streamlined and integrated system.

We listened!

After consultation with stakeholders, a process review, and some thoughtful re-engineering, we created My Admin Portal (MAP), which consolidates the majority of functions of the Institution Roster, Employee Roster, and the Medical Life Participant System (better known as MLPS).

All Together Now!

This new self-service portal is quick, convenient, and safe. It combines online services, administrative information, and educational resources in a single, easy-to-use application.

A driving force behind MAP was our desire to make managing and accessing CPG benefits faster, easier, and more efficient for administrators.

One of the ways we do this is by providing timely on-screen support and guidance.

This includes alerts about certain actions administrators need to take, direction on completing tasks, suggestions for what to do next, and access to a range of eLearning tools.

“I’m very excited about MAP. The on-screen support is a welcome addition. Providing instructions on something you may have missed is fantastic for administrators.”

—Katie Easterlin, Diocese of Georgia

MAP currently allows administrators to upload any required documents, eliminating the need to download, print, and mail them. Later this year, many forms will be fillable and include e-signatures where needed.

Administrators may also be happy to hear that recently released enhancements to the MyCPG Accounts portal are enabling employees to do even more for themselves, freeing up administrators to take care of other business.

But we’re not stopping here. MAP serves as a new foundation for ongoing upgrades in the coming years to help meet administrators’ evolving needs. We’re looking forward to continuing the journey together!


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