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Fall 2021

Traveling around the Church to talk with the people we serve is one of my favorite aspects of my role. By visiting with Episcopal Church leaders, clergy, and lay employees, we learn what is needed, what is appreciated, and what is frustrating. Our work is complex—and we are privileged to do it. Listening and learning are critical to fulfilling our purpose, which is to support the clergy and lay employees of The Episcopal Church in their calling to spread the Gospel.

Mary Kate Wold, CEO and President of CPG

We take our commitments seriously, and we do our best to make ourselves available to all bodies of our Church to identify needs, collect feedback, and answer questions. Still, we hear that some people don’t know where to go for specific answers and information. Contact us! We welcome your calls, letters, emails, and invitations.

Also, here’s a list of resources from our website ( that we hope you’ll find useful:


Serving You

Investment Management and Financials

Understanding the Numbers

On November 4, CPG hosted an online conversation about the state of the Church Pension Group, including a discussion about our values, our work, and our financial status. If you missed it, please listen to the recording to learn what we’re thinking about the future.

Vintage Voice

The Church Pension Fund: Putting Time on My Side

Clocks have always regulated my days: time to get kids up and to school, complete hospital rounds, see office patients, return calls, finish charts, and make evening rounds before finally heading home.

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